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I’m a web designer for more than 7 years. I’ve worked as an employee and from 2018 I run my own business with brand name MySuper.Site. I’ve created hundreds of websites, in all kind of niches and with many functionalities. In May 2019 I was rated of the Top 50 Freelance Web Designers and Top 20 WordPress Design by Clutch (with more than 7000 agencies and freelancers registered).

I work with CMS, WordPress mainly. That way I can offer great prices and terms. And lots of options. Some of my projects you can see in the portfolio.

Why Me?

There are so many companies offering web design and web development. Why choose me among all? I work for my name. The reccommendation is still the best ad, and I want to be recommended. I have years of professional experience, hundreds of successful projects and satisfied clients. I’ve studied for bachelor degree in psychology and I perfectly know how your users see and percept what they saw. And that’s what you want, right? To affect your clients via your website. Did I mention I also offer great prices?

Over 80.


Web Design that answers your needs.

Petia is the web designer you want to engage. She is immensely supportive and takes care of even the pickiest change requests. I sometimes wondered, how she was enduring my German perfectionism, but she did – without batting an eyelid. On top of bringing your website to life, she will advise you on hosting options and everything else you need to ensure a successful launch of your online presence. In one sentence: hire her – you will not regret your decision.

Petia was definitely a breath of fresh air for my business when we had to redesign our website. She was very pragmatic and her straightforward approach delivers tangible results quickly. Her vast experience was invaluable when shaping the new content.

Thank you Petia; you made a great website to me. It is an amazing work.

I sincerely advise everybody to work with Mrs.Petia, whom is a professional in her job. The work experience and background of academic psychology degree provides great ease to her clients.

In the past, I had been confronting many issues with my patients to express and explain what I am trying to do to their life standards. As my business and my product is a very specific and brand new technique I was not able to inform people properly. Ms. Petia solved all my communication problems with her psychology background and built an excellent website for me. I very much thankful to her.

Excellent quality website design, navigation etc. Great value for money and very responsive to all queries. SEO work has made huge difference to site traffic. Highly recommended.



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